SUSTAINABILITY | Meet Better Packaging Co

One of our goals this year was to become a more sustainable company and do our bit for the environment by educating ourselves on how we can be more sustainable.
Better Packaging Co
Over the past couple of months we have started to phase out our plastic mailer bags and started using Better Packaging Co O'Pack Range alongside our signature cardboard boxes. 
Better Packaging Co is determined to improve the state of the natural environment. Having seen firsthand the amount of plastic waste generated by the eCommerce industry, founders Rebecca and Kate decided to start their own business dedicated to making courier packaging that wasn’t damaging to the environment.
ØPACKS are made from a strong, sustainable substrate containing Calcium Carbonate (approx. 80%) sourced from waste products and a small quantity (approx. 20%) of non-toxic, recycled resin (HDPE).

The most sustainable option for end-users once finished with an ØPACK is to recycle it with their soft plastics. That way the resources are renewed for use again. 

However, if one doesn’t make it into the recycling stream and ends up in nature, it will revert back to calcium carbonate (a substance commonly found in nature).

We are proud to have partnered with The Better Packaging Co and are excited to be embarking on our journey to becoming a sustainable company working to protect our planet.

If you would like to learn more about The Better Packaging Co head to their website.

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