Serendipity Ave X Rein
We got the chance to chat to the creatives behind the New Zealand fashion and street style blog Serendipity Ave. Since launching Serendipity Ave community in 2015, the pair created a space where they can share their love for fashion, beauty and help to empower other women in business.
These two besties share their style inspiration, how they inspire each other and their favourite pieces from the new Bec & Bridge collection available at Rein. 

What was your inspiration for starting Serendipity Ave? 

Our inspiration for starting Serendipity Ave was a fun excuse to catch up regularly and share our fashion musings with each other. We would then start taking pictures of our outfits and would share them on the gram.the rest is history really.


What would you say your signature style is?

Tomboy chic. You will regularly catch us with a hint of denim, vintage and designer.


What influences your style?

We always opt for the feel good factor over the latest trends. I mean don’t get us wrong we love to keep up with what’s new but it has to feel right and the rest just falls into place. We also love to scroll Pinterest and Insta for street style inspiration which always sparks new ways to wear our faves.


What or who inspires you?

Our mums, goal setting and chats over wine.


What do you do to re-charge your creative and inspirational mind?

Switch off from all technology for the weekend.


What is your go to piece in your wardrobe?

Denim Levi’s jeans and our Chanel bags.


What is your favourite pick of the new Bec & Bridge collection at Rein?

We love the Kitty Kat leopard top and the Nathalie Mini dress.


Serendipity Ave


Where are all about inspiring confidence women, what do you both do to help inspire each other?

We always encourage each other to achieve our goals. If one of us is ever doubting ourselves, we are always each other’s biggest cheerleaders. 

Serendipity Ave x Rein
Serendipity Ave x Rein
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Photography by  @wonokimsuper

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