Last lockdown here in New Zealand we created a hoodie and t-shirt with the net profits being donated to Women's Refuge. We were overwhelmed by the response and wanted to continue the message and help to give back to another important charity close to us. 
We are now joining forces with The Mental Health Foundation of NZ to support and promote awareness around Mental Health during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Mental and physical health is so important and looking after it is essential right now. We want people to know it is normal to not feel okay all the time and it is okay to speak out. It is okay to feel sad, worried, confused, anxious, or angry during this pandemic that has affected so many people in different ways.

100% of the Net Profits from every sale of the hoodie and t-shirt will be donated to the Mental Health Foundation Of NZ. Together as a team of 5 million we've got this! Stay strong and be kind to yourself.

100% of the Net Profits will be donated to
The Mental Health Foundation of NZ.


The Mental Health Foundation of NZ help to provide free resources and training, suicide prevention initiatives, and mindfulness programs at schools around New Zealand. All of this supports people who are going through a difficult time, or for people who are supporting loved ones through a difficult time. It would mean so much to us if you backed us in supporting New Zealanders Mental and Physical Health by purchasing a hoodie or t-shirt.


For further help and resources head over to The Mental Health Foundation of NZ here

Please remember to reach out if you need support. 1737 are available to free text or call if you'd like to speak to a counsellor – it's free and confidential.

 Photography by Brijana Cato

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