Melbourne label NAKEDVICE create timeless and affordable leather accessories that have taken Australia by storm. Founded in 2014 by Sarah Hana and Jessie Herbet, their mission is to 'create your vice that you can’t live without’. Like Rein, NAKEDVICE seek to empower women of today.
We got to speak to the pair about their new SS20 SOL Collection and their inspiring fashion journey so far!

Tell us a little bit about the aesthetic of Nakedvice and the inspiration behind the new SS20 SOL collection.

SOL translates to sun in Spanish so this collection is largely inspired by our favourite summer styles. This is one of the first times we have touched on a colour which is super exciting! We have certainly stuck to our Nakedvice roots however have added in some fresh pieces which are beautiful for summer. Although detailed our SOL pieces are simple enough to be styled with one's existing wardrobe. For us in Summer that means light vintage washed denim and crisp white linen. 

What is your favourite piece from the collection? 

Sarah - The Christy Brown Croc - I absolutely love this style, it looks like a vintage find. 

Jessie -  Zara Chain- I have always loved strong silver hardware! 

What is your greatest career achievement so far?

Our greatest achievement so far would be the team and culture we have built. We have a created an environment that is not only fun to work in but also inspiring. As the business is growing so are all the staff and that makes us both super proud. 

Who are you style icons?

Where to begin! 

@haileybieber When we ask ourselves if we have too many blazers we just refer to Miss Bieber and the answer is NO… Never  

@josefinehj -The  QUEEN of all QUEENS

@hoskelsa - Elsa always comes up with new and fresh ideas. Forever relevant. 

@endlesslyloveclub - I mean do we even need to say?

@filis_pina - Need Sandra's entire denim collection please.

What do you both do to switch off?

Ironically we both love pilates and boxing! We are early birds and are usually at the office by 7am. 6-7 is our time to work out. It is so important to have that hour in the morning that is solely focused on us. 

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

If it was easy everyone would do it. 

Running a business is far from easy and there is going to be tough stressful times that make you question why you are doing what you are doing. However that hard work makes the reward worth it! 

We are all about inspiring confidence in women. What do you both do to help inspire each other?

I feel like our whole team are each others biggest cheerleaders. We are VERY optimistic which I think you have to be in business, even when things are not going right. We have always had the attitude that we would succeed because failure wasn’t an option. That positive attitude is reflected through out our business.


We all love Podcasts too! Listening to other peoples stories is always inspiring :) 


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