We got the chance to chat to Jasmine Gescheit, the founder and designer of the Australian activewear brand Jasmine Alexa. Launching in 2016 at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, Jasmine Alexa has made a huge mark in the Australia fashion scene. Featuring in magazines such as Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazzar, Women’s Health and Fitness to name a few, this women is something more than a ‘talented designer of women’s sportswear’.
Like Rein, Jasmine Alexa seek to empower women of today. Gescheit, has built a brand that is focused around ‘encouraging women to move freely and with confidence through their fast pace lives, paying close attention not only to how the clothes look, but how the clothes make them feel.’ from the Jasmine Alexa platform she has created a community called ‘This Is Me’ to help break the stigma around mental health.
Read more to hear about the new Econyl range available at Rein, daily inspiration and her ‘This Is Me’ community.

Tell us a little bit about the aesthetic of  Jasmine Alexa and where the inspiration came from?
Jasmine Alexa is timeless elegance elevated for the modern active woman which was inspired from my own need. I have always lived a very active lifestyle, even as a child. I was always outdoors and always up for a challenge. I was and still am a tomboy at heart. However as I grew up and I dove into further education (I earned a bachelor of design majoring in Fashion) and a career, I felt overwhelmed by my always on-the-go lifestyle and couldn’t find the clothes that would keep up with me and allow me to transition through my days with confidence and ease. I realised I wasn’t the only one feeling this way, so that’s where the idea was born.
What is your favourite piece from the collection?
I think I have 3 favourite pieces actually! It would have to be the 3 pieces from the Econyl range which comprise of the Stand Strong leggings, and the Take Your Time crop and leggings. These pieces have been a long time coming for me. I have always wanted to include recycled fabrics into the range, which was not an easy feat. After a lot of research and countless discussions with different companies, I finally found the right fabric and the right manufacturer.
Econyl is a regenerated nylon yarn made from industrial waste such as discarded fishing nets and used carpets, that is then turned into a beautiful. These pieces look months to develop and I am so proud with how they turned out. They don’t cost the earth but they also don’t compromise on style and functionality, so they tick all the boxes for me.
How would you describe Jasmine Alexa in 3 words?
Timeless, elegant, easy.
Tell us a little bit about the ‘This Is Me’ community and how it all came about?
The ‘This is me’ community is very dear to my heart. After battling with mental health issues throughout my teenage years, I always vouched to myself that I would one day help people going through their own battles. 1 in 4 people will suffer from mental health issues at some point in their life, yet it is a topic that has been deemed taboo to talk about? Why? I wanted to challenge this, so after launching Jasmine Alexa, I thought it could be a great platform to start a community around this, and create a place of open and honest discussion around mental health to try break down the walls that surround the topic and build a supportive community of strong, fearless and brave women.
What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?
Do not seek the pursuit of happiness but rather the happiness of pursuit. This piece of advice was given to me by my friend, Erika, who I interviewed for my ‘Women who inspire me’ International Women’s Day campaign. Erika was one of the co-founders of Frank Body and has now started a new venture Fluff, a beauty brand that wants to change the face of the beauty industry, not the face of girls. She is a powerhouse and incredible insightful.
What or who inspires you?
Inspiration is such a personal thing and I believe that it is important to understand why something or someone inspires us. Whether it’s because it remind us of a point in our lives, or because it sparks emotion in us, the ‘why’ gives us clarity into the significance of that inspiration to us as individuals. What inspires me, might not inspire someone else. That’s why I always try to keep an open mind and an open eye to everything that I do. I find inspiration from everywhere. When I travel, when I eat, when I listen to music. It is endless, but it always comes back to why for me.
What do you do to switch off and re-charge your creative mind?
I make a conscious effort to disconnect from technology and get out into nature. I am fortunate to live near the beach, so something as simple as walking by the ocean is vital for me to re-charge. I try to get into the mountains too (I love the mountains and being in the fresh air) to be in the serenity and quietness. It totally clears my mind and allows me to switch off.

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