A DAY WITH | Ash Owens

We spent the day and chatted with style and beauty blogger Ash Owens. 
What tips do you have for working from home and staying motivated?
My best tip is probably to stay strict to your usual sleep routine. Go to sleep at the same time you usually would for a work day, and get up at the same time too. If anything, you can spend that extra time in the morning where you'd normally be driving to work making a delicious breakfast or catching up on some reading. My other tip is to always get dressed! Even if it's some chic loungewear and some jewellery, I promise you'll feel ten times more motivated to get your to-do list ticked off.
What have you been doing during the lockdown?
Working a LOT. As you can imagine right now everyones spending a lot more time on social media, so I'm actually working harder than ever to create content for Instagram, my blog and my YouTube channel. In between that I've been doing lots of baking and painting to help me switch off! 
What's the key to a great #wfh outfit?
Comfort and jewellery. You could be wearing classic grey track pants, a white tshirt with no makeup on but if you're layering a few necklaces and wearing some chunky gold earrings, you look very 'model off duty at the airport' which is a look that I love! 

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